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Sunday, 2004-3-28

Testing the dropfile command

I did "zia dropfile unbound_XML.scala", and it told me

python222 c:/cygwin/usr/local/lib/bzero/bzero dropfile zia unbound_XML.scala
Checking for updates ...
latest version: 0.18 - local version: 0.18
authfn c:\dl\.bzero\zia\auth.xml
reading cached server data from c:\dl\.bzero\zia\cache.dat
You can refer to the file with the following url:
        <a href="http://www.pycs.net/zia/2004/3/28/unbound_XML.scala"></a>

But I also put my Kaua`i photos in a subdirectory in ~/.bzero/zia/extra, and the bzero README doesn't quite tell me clearly enough whether bzero will upload those. Hence, this experiment.

By the way, the unbound_XML.scala file was my attempt to play around with the classes, traits, and objects in scala's scala.xml.nobinding library. I gather that this is the library to use if you don't want to mess around with DTDs or their ilk. Unfortunately, the most recent release replaced some key functions that used to be "Symbol"s with "Elem"s, and it took me a while to figure this out. It still doesn't quite do what I want, because I'm not familiar enough yet with the string, List, Elem, and Symbol manipulation facilities in the language and library. And Scala's iterators still aren't quite as comfortable to me as Python's iterators and generators.

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