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Friday, 2004-4-23

DL, a few more tidbits

Sorry 'bout that previous version of this page.

This is a follow-on to my Christmas Eve posting about dl, the programming language concept that's been so very slowly cooking for years. One of the main syntax ideas is that the name of a construct should be visually the first thing you read. So in dl, the name comes first. When I write "a bit reminiscent of the Beta language", I was referring to this Beta Programming Language, which had some pretty cool ideas in it.
The syntax of the outer-level structures in dl was inspired by Beta's "pattern" syntax. This means that most of the outer-level structures in the language
take the form of ( name Fence body Fence [name] ), where Fence is a one-character delimiter, indicating what kind of construct is being defined here -- class, object, function/method, etc.

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