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Tuesday, 2004-6-1

Wedding in Tucson

Spent last weekend in Tucson -- my nephew's wedding. Got to see my parents, my brothers, a niece, four nephews, and a few other relatives. Never spent any time in Tucson before. The weather wasn't too beastly hot, and we managed to find a good place to stay: The Arizona Inn. This appears to be one pretty cool way to visit Tucson. (Ok, "cool" might not ever be quite the right word for Tucson. Especially in May.)
Anyway, here's the plan: have a nephew who's getting married, and have another nephew whose mother works for a firm that gives its employees a bonus of a few nights' stay in any hotel of their choosing ... up to a $1000 limit. Be friends with that nephew's mother. Get an invite to the wedding ...
I spent much of Sunday swimming and playing in the pool at the inn.

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