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Thursday, 2004-6-10


The LAMP folks at EPFL released the version of Scala yesterday. The most notable changes appear to be "Views", "which make it possible to view instances of one class as instances of some other class", and XML literals in source code. I wonder how these "views" relate to the "this-type" feature.
Meanwhile, my series of "Thinking in Scala" exercises, adapted from Bruce Eckel's book, continues to sputter along in obscurity. I started this on MayDay. See the May and June 2004 entries in the TOC for my Radio Weblog.
Off to S.L.O. for a MTB trip this weekend. And I'm planning a reprise of the Crescent Meadow to Bearpaw backpack, this time with my nephew Ben. Bigger plans for later in the year, a 5-day NFSJ/Ansel Adams trip, with 2 or 3 days being cross-country.

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