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Sunday, 2004-6-27

Tow Dolly

I spent much of the weekend renting a tow dolly, and then towing the old Datsun 280ZX up to Tahoe, and then returning to Santa Cruz to return the dolly to the rental place before it closed. Never towed a car before, it was remarkably uneventful. The tow-er was my gutless but sufficient Toyota 4-Runner. I made heavy use of the turnouts while climbing US-50.
'Twas great to see my folks up there. The weather was perfect and the traffic wasn't too bad. Horsetail Falls is looking very nice and full this weekend, and even Bridalveil Falls was flowing well. The latter surprised me a bit, since the spring has been so very very dry here.
Short backpack trip next weekend -- hope it ain't too crowded.

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