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Monday, 2004-8-2

More busy summer weekends

Man, the weather's been pretty great this past month or two.

July 24-25 getting the place ready for a short vacation. Joe and Nancy, the puppy suppliers, visited. Henrike is getting along with Penny and Cody. She has a different style of playing -- stilt-walking, and long-legged floor whapping, which looks pretty silly in a dog only 15 inches tall.

July 31 - August 1 Deb flew to Montana on Friday; I have a bunch of work-related stuff to get caught up with before I leave. Not to mention all the house- and yard-related stuff.

NFSJ preparation -- I ordered the real topo maps, and some study led me to change my guess about the best route from Rockbound Lake over to McGee Lake. The ridge from Sadler Peak up to Long Peak goes NW, North, then NW again, and my previous plan was to cross on that southernmost section, just north of Sadler peak. Now, I think the better plan is to cross that last bit -- the slope above Rockbound Lake climbs in a gentle-looking slope except for one short (1000 feet or so) section just under and east of the ridge.

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