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Friday, 2004-9-17

2D/3D ThinkSpaces

Brainstorming ... here's what I want to see/use/create: Some kind of "mind-mapping" software like Freemind, combined with an outliner, and (easy access to) semi-automatically-classified input from various other sources (email, selected USENET newsgroups, the Whole Wide World of RSS, one's own writings, one's workplace-private info, local files). With semi-automatically faceted classification and navigation.
See, I don't think that a single global, public, RDF-style, agreed-upon taxonomy is feasible. A taxonomy imposes a world-view. The mainstream classifications will be uncontroversial, but as you get farther from that center, you get more dissent ... the edges of such a combined set of taxonomies will be fractal and fuzzy. But for each single person, maybe it makes sense to attempt, probably with some help from Bayes' equations and insights.

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