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Monday, 2005-1-17


I've used my own custom keyboard layout since about 1982. I wrote a bit about it on GIGO. As usual, it all Just Works on the Mac (even through many of the weekly Rhapsody releases of the very early Mac OS X Server). And it's not too hard to get something to work well enough under X-windows on Solaris. So, as usual, it's Windows that sucks. I've run Windows XP on my laptop for a couple of years, and found the easy way to set things up, via the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\KeyboardLayout registry entry. Unfortunately, that alters the keyboard for all users. My wife want to use the laptop sometimes, so I just wanted to create my own per-user layout.
So I found Microsoft's Keyboard Layout Creator. Kinda works, and it's OK for the letters, but it doesn't seem to have any documented support for doing what I want with the control characters. Oh, well, maybe I'll figure out what's broken about it once I care about it a little more.

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