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Thursday, 2005-3-3

Rambling in the Rain

The Ceanothus are in bloom, all along the freeway ramps in The Valley of the Heart's Delight. Spring is just around the corner. Meanwhile:
I've been doing some reading about Ajax...

... and also reading about the profusion of different wiki and weblog markup styles (see http://del.icio.us/scruzia/markup

Got the floor done and the new bed delivered, but haven't yet moved the mattress onto it. Damn motion-sensor light is still stuck permanently on. Worked great for about two or three weeks, then after a heavy rain, I think something got shorted out.

Deb's Dad had surgery today; she was up in Sacramento to see him and other family. And my folks are heading off to Lihue for a couple of months, so I plan to be visiting them in Tahoe for a few days, next week, so I can drive them to the airport.

Partly because of the surgery, Henrike is back with us, so we're back up to four dogs. She was at the tail (so to speak) end of being in heat, and that was driving Rome'o crazy. He's still a bit too young to accomplish anything with her at this stage; I hope we still have them both next time she's ready.

Been doing a pretty regular two miles a day most days, either most of the way around HP, or south towards I-280, to Jenny Strand Park, in a quiet little low-traffic neighborhood (nearly a complex of cul-de-sacs).

I had written up a set of thoughts about "my" markup syntax, and I thought it was here on the laptop, but I seem to have lost it. Bummer. Guess I'll just go re-write it up onto the mac.

Aha, finally found it ("JS-play/dlxp/WikiThots"). Time to shoot it up ovwer to the mac so I can start writing it in Scala.

(On edit: I wrote it in Python, as a proof-of-concept. Still wish to translate into Scala, maybe change the parsing to use ANTLR.)

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