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Saturday, 2005-4-23

Phil Wadler LinksPL

I made some changes in Joachim Durchholz' wiki about the Links Programming language. I wrote about LinksPL here, and I'm trying to create a few http references (I can't call them links in this entry, now can I?) that refer to the language using the name LinksPL instead, to make it more easily Google-able. Unfortunately, there isn't really any "there" there -- aside from Wadler's Blog, there isn't yet an official LinksPL page anywhere.
Anyway, the page I added was a survey of other similar efforts -- programming languages and libraries oriented towards creating Web Applications, including XML handling libraries and languages that incorporate XML as part of their syntax. I had made a similar survey on the late, lamented, always inaccessible Pyscerocha; now there's a much abridged version here in the Links wiki.

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