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Saturday, 2005-5-14

Tiddlywiki with gmail

Jeremy Ruston's Tiddlywiki is bubbling up into the ranks of del.icio.us/popular, mostly due to Nathan Bowers' adaptation of it to GTD, David Allen's "Getting Things Done" system. Heck, even I wrote about it!

I have seen a few folks slightly bemoaning the fact that tiddlywiki's self-contained nature (ONE single html-and-javascript file is all it needs) means that there is no server-side component. That is, you can't easily make it save itself onto an everywhere-accessible server. But hmmm... gmail exists and google's gmail servers are accessible and gmail clients exist that make gmail just look like a big filesystem.

So here's the next step in that story: marry a gmailFS-like back end into the one-html-file tiddlywiki, and voila! It should be fairly simple to make its server side live as gmail messages.

Has anyone out there done this yet? Does this count as a lazyweb request? Time will tell...

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