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Tuesday, July 2, 2002

Something is going on behind Rael's curtain. Blosxom 0+5i is fast approaching. Rael provides us this insight:

" Blosxom 0+5i: Flavours
The forthcoming 0+5i release of Blosxom enables you, the blogger, to define your own output flavours (read: templates, although I've never much cared for the word) beyond the default HTML and RSS output formats -- and it goes without saying that you can change those two too.

For example, take a peek at an outline view of my weblog. I'm making use of Marc Barrot's excellent Javascript outliner functions, as featured on his weblog, slam".
9:07:28 PM    The Soapbox

Ben and Mena Trott has delivered version 2.21 of Movable Type, possibly the best server-based blogging tool in blogLand.

Trackback is a neat feature that allows collaboration between blogs. It is really worth checking out.
8:46:24 PM    The Soapbox

via zopenx.net: "VNOS also allows the AppleScript, Perl, and Python scripter to extend their scripts or VNOS app. VNOS appears to be extending the Internet OS in ways that will be useful to the Mac OS X developer."
8:22:23 AM    The Soapbox

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