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Georg Bauer: [PyCS-devel] Just a little - not related to PyCS - python hack


Just thought to share this with you, it's not directly PyCS related, but
at least RSS related (and written in python) :-)

At you can download a short
python script that does a search at ebay for given search words and
creates an RSS feed out of the results.


python +contax +zeiss -ikon -o=contax

searches for combinations of contax and zeiss, weeds out ikon and stores
it in $HOME/public_html/contax.xml

I run that one regularily on a server of mine and create watchlists for
stuff I am looking for (contax lenses, mamiya press rollfilm backs and
rollei 6008 stuff :-) ). Quite handy. And you can subscribe to that RSS
feed with MacReporter and see it "life" on your desktop when something
changes. See it as a late christmas present, or a temporary hack until
eBay implements web services :-)

The "official" announcement (in german) is at

bye, Georg