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Phillip Pearson: Re: [PyCS-devel] new in CVS: shortened (sent to the wrong list the first time)

I was thinking just an option / link on the referrers page. You could
set a criteria for not showing searches. If we have n_refs_total and
n_refs_search, maybe show only non-search referrers if n_refs_total >
100 and n_refs_search > 30 or something ... and then have a 'show all'
or 'show only searches / don't show searches' links.

Phil :

On Tue, Jun 03, 2003 at 08:16:44AM +0200, Georg Bauer wrote:
> Hmm. Anybody a good idea where to put that option? Currently we don't have
> user-setable options in PyCS. Should we use an administrative switch and people
> should call their operator to set it? Or would another XMLRPC API be better,
> where users can ask for options and their values and set them accordingly? Or
> should it just be an option and a link in the module, so that people can switch
> from the only-non-searches-view to the all-referers-view?

Georg Bauer: [PyCS-devel] new in CVS: shortened (sent to the wrong list the first time)


I just commited a change that only shows non-search
referrers (and
search referrers are shown in This shortens the
output drastically (at least with my weblogs, as 80% of referrers are

Comments on this? Better use the shortened form, or do we need a "show
referrers" with all searches included?

bye, Georg