Thursday, February 28, 2002

RadioService v1.0a1 is now ready for download. This version fixes a number of bugs and streamlines the implementation. It also adds the rest of the post related Blogger API functionality; get, get recent, edit, and delete. The hot key to create a new post has been changed to "|" (a post?) and, as such, should be available in more apps most of the time. All functionality is available to non-service aware apps by manually filling the pasteboard (i.e. select some text, press copy), selecting the appropriate functionality via the RadioService's dock menu, and then manually posting the result. As such, RadioService functionality is now available to Classic applications.

The documentation (i.e. ReadMe) has been mostly rewritten (again) and should be better than before. Select the 'RadioService Help' menu item from within the app to view the ReadMe in your favorite browser.
3:16:58 PM  pontificate