Wednesday, December 25, 2002

Santa gave me a Jabra FreeSpeak BT200 bluetooth headset to go with my T68i cell phone.

It actually works and works very well. Furthermore, the Jabra is the most comfortable headset I have ever used. The in-the-ear piece is soft and not at all annoying. The part that hooks around my ear is quite comfortable.

Set up was a breeze-- worked the first time and exactly as described in the book. I have no idea what magic occurs between the cell phone and the headset over bluetooth-- as it can answer the phone and do call waiting, it is more than just a voice datastream.

Very cool. Questions I'll have to investigate:

- can it work with the computer and a product like ViaVoice to do voice recognition and command?

- can I set it up to do the voice control stuff on my phone? (i.e. "call home")

Neat toy. Bluetooth is cool-- I hope it survives.
3:06:58 PM  pontificate