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BoingBoing is almost really cool

Cory should stop with the politics. It is just one stupid knee jerk reaction after another.

As you may have heard, the California supreme court null-and-voided the gay marriages granted by San Francisco earlier in the year. I know some folks who were married during that brief period of enlightenment and have previously written about their wonderful experience.

Back to Cory...

Today, BoingBoing contains this quote: This year, six short months ago, she was finally allowed to marry Davina. And today, thanks to the fantastically stupid ruling of the California Supreme Court, that marriage is null and void.

If Cory were to pull his knee out of his face long enough to actually read what the justices said, he might have written something intelligent on the subject (as he often does on many other non-political subjects).

In particular, the justices ruled only that the city of San Francisco had exceeded their authority by performing marriages not recognized by state law. Furthermore, the justices did not tender an opinion regarding whether the denial of same sex marriages violates the Constitution of California. Furthermore, the justices indicated that the court is certainly open to considering the issue of recognizing same sex marriages.

In other words, the court ruled exactly as anyone who has been paying attention expected. As well, this is pretty much exactly the conflict that the mayor of San Francisco wanted to create. By doing so, the question can be considered by the supreme court and, hopefully, the outcome will result in equal rights for all couples (as it did in Massachusetts).

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