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Tuesday, 26 March 2002

Yes, it's still a bit crude, but you can now see who's been updating their blogs :)

(This runs under the new script handler)

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Development of the comment system was really painful; it only took one evening but the way it's plugged into the server made it quite irritating to debug.  It's written as a handler under Medusa (the web server layer), which makes it run very quickly, but debugging is problematic.  Sometimes the system seemed to just completely 'lose' Python exceptions, and I had to restart the server every time I changed anything.

If you're used to working under mod_perl or in ASP, this sort of thing seems very very slow.  So right now I'm getting a general caching script handler going, which should make my code/test cycles somewhat quicker and also fix the exception problem (by properly catching everything in the right place).

Once this goes, I can do some of the more interesting bits like referrer tracking and log analysis (these are what give you the rcsPublic/ pages that tell you who's connected to who).

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