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Religious Fervor and Politics

Will people go to the polls in 2004?

I should hope so! A margin of 537 votes is too small!.

According to Lance deHaven-Smith in an op-ed article published in the September 02, 2002 edition of the Tallahassee Democrat the 2000 Presidential Election was won in Florida by 537 votes . deHaven-Smith points to evidence published by the New York Times and the Washington Post that indicate that Florida's governor, secretary of state, and speaker of the House ... used their offices to manipulate the election controversy and secure Bush's victory. During the controversy, they collaborated either directly or through intermediaries with the legal and political advisers of George W. Bush to: (1) put pressure on the state's top law firms not to work for Gore; (2) bend the rules on absentee ballots to allow improperly marked absentee ballots to be counted; (3) block, stall or discredit manual recounts; and (4) create fears of a constitutional crisis so that the U.S. Supreme Court would intervene.

If more people had voted, maybe the election wouldn't have been won in corrupt Florida. Maybe there would have been a clear, obvious, and uncontestable winner. Then there it wouldn't be reasonable for people like Michael Moore to refer to fictitious presidents on national television.

In 2000, Gore won the majority of the popular vote but did not obtain the majority of electoral votes. That winning national popular vote does not imply winning the electoral vote and therefore winning the election is not new and may or may not be controversial. In an election that was so close, we owe it to ourselves to count the votes both thoroughly and impartially. After an election, it ought to feel like the will of the people has been carried out. The 2000 doesn't have that feel.

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