Random thoughts... 2.2.2004


Orkut -- What's up with this?

The Orkut virus (see http://www.orkut.com) is spreading like wildfire. This weekend I was invited by an acquaintance to join an online community called "Orkut". Leaving the name aside for a moment (in Dutch it has somewhat raunchy connotations) it is a rather lame implementation of an online community. Thirteen to the dozen, I would guess.

Nonetheless I invited a couple of other folks and at the moment my network of "friends" is growing like mad because the complete Dutch Unix hacker community is flocking to Orkut and linking to each other as "friends"...

I suspect this too, will pass...

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I am bushed right now. I teamed up with a couple of hundred American Football enthusiasts for a SuperBowl party with unlimited food (American style buffet) and drinks (which included Miller beer to help create the Real American Atmosphere). Due to the time difference the game lasted until 4:30am, which meant we hit the sack at 5am. This is kinda hard on yourself if you have to get up at 6:45am in order to beat the traffic to Amstelveen... :-(

But, on the brighter side, "my team" (the New England Patriots) won!!! Yihaaaaaaaaaa!

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