Wednesday, April 2, 2003

When Bram was first rolling out BitTorrent to the world, he needed to test scalability. How do you generate massive traffic on the Internet? FREE PORN! From Bram's original post:

I'm now in the very bizarre position of having to beg for people to download porn. The page of the current load test (a 700+ meg file) is

I have actually known Bram for a little while through a mutual friend. Not long after BT was released, I ended up redoing the command line "UI" for Bit Torrent and committed the changes to the SourceForge repository. If I can find the time, I have a few ideas that I would like to apply to the OS X client.

But that isn't what this message is about. This message is about the other uses of BitTorrent besides distributing OS seeds. BitTorrent seems to have found a healthy following in three very specific nitches:

5:55:55 PM  pontificate