Friday, April 4, 2003

I updated/submitted shntool, shorten and etree-scripts packages for Fink. With these installed, it makes it trivially easy to burn audio content downloaded from sites affiliated with etree.

The steps:

1. (if using fink -- otherwise, install these on your own the normal Unix way) Download the Fink .info files from the links shown above and copy them to /sw/fink/dists/local/main/finkinfo.

2. Execute fink install shorten shntool etree-scripts cdrecord in a terminal window.

3. Set the CDR_DEVICE to something appropriate for your machine. For my tiBook with a Combo drive, I had to set that environment variable to IODVDServices. This site provides excellent information on figuring out what is appropriate for your system.

4. Download a hunk o' jammin' content from somewhere. You'll typically end up with a folder per CD's worth of content. Each shorten compressed file will be named something like gd73-04-02d3t05.shn (GrateFul Dead - 1973-04-02 - Disc 3 - Track 5).

5. To burn disc 1, simply execute burn-shns `pwd`/gd73-04-02.shnf1 or burn-shns `pwd`/gd73-04-02.shnf/*d1* (if everything is in a single directory).

Speaking of gd73-04-02; I'm not a rabid Grateful Dead fan, but I definitely enjoy their music. The April 2, 1973 (setlist & details) show mentioned in the examples above is an excellent example of the Dead playing a great show. Furthermore, the recording is an awesome quality sound board.

The show is available via BitTorrent until March 8th or so. If you want to extend that period of time, you can do so on this form.

Update: The flac package may not be in the stable tree of Fink. If that is the case, you can either remove the dependency on the flac package in the (or, download the from unstable and drop it in the same direction with the other info files, or move to using the unstable tree with Fink (which is really very stable). Sorry about that-- I have been living on the bleeding edge with Fink for so long, I often forget that some packages aren't in stable.
10:45:54 AM  pontificate