Monday, December 1, 2003

We held a mass notarization event recently. Besides myself, four other notaries were present from the original notarization event and each of us was authorized to assign 10 points per notarization when the evening started.

By the end of the evening, each of us had gained enough "experience points" to be able to assign up to 25 points when performing a notarization. We were even able to create a couple of new notaries!

So -- if you need your Thawte certificate notarized, I can now do so and can assign a reasonable number of points in return for your presentation of the appropriate set of IDs.

In related news, PGP has announced that the 9.0 release of their products will have "transparent integration" with x509 certificates. I have used PGP Personal Edition for quite some time -- mostly using the encrypted disk images feature.
12:15:40 AM  pontificate