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And a legendary party it was...

Last night, we rented a shuttle bus who picked up a bunch of our friends at their houses and drove us all up to the city. The shuttle bus was to ensure that there were no designated drivers in the bunch.

Specifically, we went to Tommy's Mexican Restaurant. We had an absolutely stellar time thanks to Julio and the hardest working bar staff on the planet.

We ate very well and drank some of the finest Tequila on the planet. Julio gave a great lecture on how Tequila is made, the history, and the qualities inherent to the various different products.

We added about 5 or 6 more people to the blue agave club and all of us received a few punches on our cards. I'm now about 80% of the way to my PHD and, after passing a written test, I'll be heading to Mexico with Julio and other PHD holders for what will be the ultimate tour of the regions of Mexico from which Tequila is sourced.

Thanks to all of my friends that made the trek. I hope you all had as good of time as I did.

And a huge thank you to Julio and the crew. Couldn't have been a better evening. It was greatly appreciated.

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A month of programming languages... is running a month of articles about various programming languages. It is a series of short articles that explains the history of the subject language, provides a synopsis of strengths/weaknesses, and provides some sample code.

So far, it includes 6 languages of which 3 are dialects of C. As BASH is an included "language", it is clear that this language survey will contain a broad range of languages.

Interesting stuff.

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