Bill Bumgarner


Sing back if the FCC lifts cell phone ban on planes

As is being reported all over the place, the FCC is considering lifting the ban on cell phone use on airplanes.

Air travel already sucks and it the ongoing, ineffective, "security theater" that we all have to go through to get to a miserable flight isn't improving things.

Adding in loud talking idiots on cell phones during a flight pretty much takes the cake. I could easily envision a little spot in hell that involves spending eternity in a middle seat eating airplane food with two loud cell phone users having an inane conversation on either side.

If the FCC does lift the ban, how should those of us offended by loud cellers respond?

If a polite "please keep it to yourself" or "dude, I'm trying to sleep" doesn't work, I'm thinking that a rousing round of "Mary had a Little Lamb" or "Jingle Bells" will do the trick.

If we can't dance in protest, we can certainly sing.

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