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Clueless & Accurate Criticism of ReSTedit

Stain seemed to be rather focused on trying to be as negative as possible in his reaction to ReSTedit.

I like the idea, but the result is useless. The "Render" button is slow, Auto Update isn't Auto, and for some reason the rendered text is fucked up with characters being way to high.

See for example

I like the claim that the render button is slow. Not only is it slow, it isn't hooked up at all! Neither is the Auto Update checkbox. The only rendering the app does is via the Auto Update timer, which he claimed didn't work. That is pretty funny.

Now, as far as his claim that the output is rather fugly. Yup. Absolutely right. Sucks, doesn't it.

So fix it and send me some new CSS! I tried and was tortured by the tools used to edit CSS (that, and I suck at web page design anyway).

The output format is entirely controlled by a CSS file found within the app wrapper. It is the same CSS that is provided in the docutils project source. Fix up that CSS and the rendered documents will look much better.

Update: I have added a toolbar item that allows you to quickly swap between style sheets. It is populated with any style sheets found in ~/Library/Application Support/ReSTedit and in the app's wrapper.

This link leads to the current CSS style sheet used by docutils (and, hence, ReSTedit). Save it into the above directory and edit away!

And, of course, if anyone comes up with a decent style sheet or two, I'll quite happily add it into the ReSTedit source.

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