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Announcing SCPlugin

Today marks the Beta release of my first open source OS X app, SCPlugin.

What is it?

SCPlugin is a tool that allows users of Subversion and CVS to issue source control commands directly from the Finder. Although it is not yet feature complete, most of the commonly used commands do work in the current version.

Is the source available?

Absolutely. The source available (and browsable) at

Is there a DMG available?

Yup. You can get the compiled plugin from To install it, drag the SVN_CMM.plugin to ~/Library/Contextual Menu Items/. Then restart the Finder. If you want a longer winded version read the INSTALLATION notes.

How can I help?

Use the plugin. Send me feedback. If you are an experience Cocoa / Carbon developer, contribute.

I would find it especially helpful to hear peoples ideas on future features they would like to see. When I get some spare cycles, I plan on putting a feature list together, and soliticing for feedback on that as well.

Is this code safe?

Heh. No warranty is provided. It will probably burn you house down, destroy your precious source code, and cause insomnia. This is Beta (maybe even Alpha) quality software. YMMV.

Can I send you some feedback?

Sure, please be gentle though :) Feedback should be sent to: pavicich AT mac DOT com

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Goin' to the chapel...

The last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind. Trudy and I are planning on getting married in two weeks. The wedding is going to be in Vegas. Its pretty amazing how quickly you can plan and execute something like this. Its not really going to be an elaborate affair, mainly some friends and family. I can't imagine what it would be like to spend 6+ months planning this type of event.

The biggest hassle of all the planning so far has been finding rings. Well, finding me a ring. I have a size 15 ring finger, which is nearly impossible to find. We found out custom made was the only way to go. Then we found out almost no one can quickly make a custom ring. (We had only 6 weeks to get rings). It all worked out in the end though, we found a great custom ring maker in Washington, we should get them this weekend. I am really looking forward to it.

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