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iSync woes


Since the .Mac service started, I have been a fairly happy subscriber. The services provided work reasonably well and I haven't had too many issues so far.

*Except* for iSync. For a long, long while, this worked as expected as well. Until a few months ago. Now, no matter what I do, I can't seem to get my PowerBook to sync with .Mac.

When I first noticed that things were not working as expected, I posted to the .Mac support forums. I explained my problem(s) in detail, and even included excerpts of the relevant log files. I got several responses from other users with the same problem. But I never got a response from anyone at Apple.

So, if anyone can help or has advice on this, I am all ears. Just for fun, the error that I get when I attempt to sync is below.

01:08:23 Error Can't get sync mode for provider .Mac, data class bookmarks

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