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Burn's Supper

Tonight, Trudy and I had the honor of attending a Burn's Supper, held by Trudy's boss Mike at the Coffee Denn. The Burn's Supper has been held annually since 1801, to celebrate the life of Scots poet Robert Burns.

The format of the dinner was interesting. The evening began with a short lecture on Burn's life, followed by a short poetry reading. Then we had a lovely soup starter, and a delicious salmon course. Then the piper began to play, with the chef bringing the Haggis out to the main table. The MC then read Burn's Address to a Haggis.

To be honest, neither Trudy or I were too sure about Haggis. It ended up being really really tasty though. I am not sure how authentic it was, but I enjoyed it.

After the haggis, there were more readings from Burn's works, especially centered on women. Burns was a notorious womanizer, and its not been until recent times that women were allowed to dine at the Supper. A few *gems* of his work, concerning the ladies, were read and then the women were giving the stage to retort. This was pretty funny, and was done is a sort of Friar's Roast style. The evening closed with the singing of "Auld Lang Syne", which Burns wrote several verses of.

I'm really glad we got to attend the dinner. I got to learn a little, and broaden my cultural and gastronomic horizons.

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