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More SCPlugin news

Wow. For something announced to such a limited audience, I have gotten a suprising amount of feedback and encouragement. I would like to say "Thanks!" to everyone who has checked the code out.


The project finally has a home! Check out scplugin.tigris.org. I haven't gotten that much content up there yet, but you can see a rough sketch of what I am hoping to do if you look at the Issue Tracker.

I am still looking for people to contribute to the codebase. At this time, I could ~really~ use the help of a graphic designer. If you are interested, drop me a line.

I would like to thank Rainer Brockerhoff and Romain Brestac for contributing some code to the project. Thanks guys!

Recent changes to the plugin:

For the time being I have disabled CVS support in the plugin. Its not getting all the testing that it deserves, and frankly, wasn't working. I will probably be focusing on SVN support first, with CVS added back in later.

bbum did some great work getting the preferences going. Thanks!

Romain donated code to support running NSTask asynchronously. This still needs some work; if you start a second command running, it will hijack the output of the first task. Not good, but I think that I can fix it.

The UI has seen some work as well. Long running tasks will now display a progress indicator in the Results Window.

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