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Thursday, 16 October 2003

Testing Radio's handling of international chars, and also its XML-RPC implementation.  Can it send UTF-8, or will it send ISO-8859-1 and mangle everything?

Héhé... est-ce que ça marche?


Hmm, upstreaming failed.  I can't see any errors in the pycs.net log though.  Why not?

Hey, cool, it worked just fine!  Radio converts unicode chars into entity references!  So it looks like Radio is OK with the Topic Exchange client -- I just need to get Movable Type to generate proper XML.

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OK, you can now search this weblog, thanks to Python Community Server's new search engine.  (I just hacked together a Radio tool to send the posts over to the community server).

Not all the post information is being sent just yet, though -- right now the dates and URLs are all broken.  You can see the text, though.

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