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Saturday, 1 June 2002

Now, I guess all the Java coders out there have had this for ages, but I just ran into this incredibly helpful error message while doing a bit of C#.

<-- do not write code like this at home; it's just an example.

That is really handy.  One of the more common errors in C code.  A decent C/C++ compiler will say something along the lines of:

warning C4706: assignment within conditional expression

But if, for example, you've included a library that spits out hundreds of warnings when you compile with /Wall, that sort of thing tends to get lost.

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This should bring 'dev progress' back up to #1

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Testing blog updates; the old system signalled an update every time somebody upstreamed a file, and my 'notes' blog seemed to be permanently at the top.

I've implemented the weblogs.com interface now - a more reliable updates page is at http://www.pycs.net/system/weblogUpdates.py

Let's see if it's working

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