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Thursday, 8 August 2002

If, like me, you have trouble keeping track of when people add comments to your Radio blog, you need to check this out:

Radio Comment Monitor

It's a PHP script I hacked up to generate summary pages from the JavaScript that Radio weblogs use to determine the comment counts.  You get a list of comment counts in reverse time order, and the URL includes the number of comments so the links will go blue when a new comment gets posted (as long as everything is still in your browser cache.

Examples: this blog; my Salon blog.

It works with pycs.net as well as radio.weblogs.com and blogs.salon.com.  If anyone knows of any other comment servers they'd like to include, drop me a line and I'll have a go at them.

Note: It doesn't appear to work in Mozilla or Opera yet - are there any JS hackers out there who could tell me why?

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pycs.net now looks a little bit nicer; I spent some time last night getting rid of the disgusting yellow tables all through the site and making it look a little 'brighter'.

What do people think of the new design?  Does it suck less?

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