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Friday, 16 August 2002

Hey, look at this, I'm #1 for 'development progress' on Google ;)

Also, my page pointing to some drivers for a digital camera FDD adaptor appears to own the following:

I guess nobody is writing about that sort of thing.


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Compiler compilers are odd things.  The first time I saw one (bison) I thought it was incredibly cool and incomprehensible, but now I'm starting to take them for granted.  I'm coding up a simple scripting language at the moment, and started with Coco/C#, but couldn't figure out how to shoehorn the language into an LL(1) grammar, so moved over to Jay (Miguel's C# port), which lets me be much sloppier and will still generate a compiler.

Now trying to figure out if there is a C# port of flex.

Hmm, C# Corner has a list of tools.

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