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Running external tools in PyCS

Jim Roepke notes the presence of the beta of eVectors' SharedOutline radio tool and asks:

This looks like a very useful tool. My question is, however, how much will it cost? I don't like the tradition in the Frontier world of announcing pricing after getting everyone to test the beta. And, does it work with a 3rd party Radio Community Server, like PyCS?

Unfortunately, it probably won't, as it has a server-side component which is presumably written in UserTalk.  PyCS implements Radio compatibility at the highest possible level - its XML-RPC publishing interface (xmlStorageSystem) - but doesn't clone the script interpreter, OODB and all that.

Anybody feel like writing a UserTalk-to-Python converter?  ;-)

Rogers mentioned the other day that Frontier's Object Database Engine code is public.  That would let you read the .root files (assuming the format hasn't changed since version 5).  Writing an interpreter for the language and reimplementing the standard library would be a pretty big job though ... especially not when all you're saving is $39.95.  It could be an interesting project, though.

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