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Monday, August 23, 2004
Pity the foo()...Garage Sale Dew

I had a good garage saling weekend. A Mikita mitre and hand saw, Bosch router, and this toy sprinkler:

Yes folks, that's Mr. T.'s flat but life-size head.  I couldn't find any similar pictures on the web, so I can't vouch for whether the bling on his fingers has worn off or was originally capped with stickers.  For a mere $.50. (Thanks for the moblog pic, Abe.) it's (c) 1984, Made in USA, and that little label on it says something about avoiding eye injury by not looking directly into the water...or something.  If the shrine-like base were twice the size It'd make one whopper of a case-mod.

I also got a truly American Chopper for $3, although mine has more guards around the blades.  It's great exercise, and I can a. Talk to my wife while using it, and b. Allow the kids to be in the yard with me.  Still haven't figured out what these things are named "manual", "old style" "motorless", or "reel".  I'll stick with "retro mower."

Most other items this summer were books, kid toys and clothes, and some computer stuff which mostly worked.  Such as a $5 US Robotics USB 56K modem which wouldn't connect higher than 9600 through serial port, or regularly dropped USB connection (requiring PC reboot), and $5 HP LaserJet 6L which prints fine but is an overeater. Quite niftily, it prints just fine and doesn't jam when it grabs a dozen sheets. Great second printer for laser occasions.

Also enjoyed the latest in Pepsi's recent attempt at casting a rainbow over the Mountain Dew: Grape Dew, er "Pitch Black".  And just to fill the spectrum, I'm not looking forward to the Bad-ass Blueberry or the first Alchoholic Dew: Amber Alert.

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