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Thursday, June 24, 2004
Wiki pages of note in no particular scale

ZopeWiki:ZopeCredits Add credit where credit's due. zope.org/credits are stale. Will this page offer a new light? Heck..somebody make that page a blog and put a person and there contribution in a weekly spotlight.

WikiWiki:ElizabethWiethoff is spreading Python goodwill and gardening throughout Ward's wiki.

MeatBallWiki:CommunityMarketing Marketing isn't just about gaining MindShare. Another set of interesting marketing devotionals can be at Eric Sink's "22 Laws of Immutable Marketing". Look Ma, Agile!

Scrum(Docs)Wiki:PigsAndChickens -- Don't throw the joke out with the metaphor. (Metaphor definition suggestion: Pigs are bound, Chickens are gagged. A scrum list replacement metaphor: Players and Spectators--I can't think of anything more accurate and personally look forward to bbq'ing the pig and chicken metaphor.)  ScrumWiki.org is an implementation of Scrum management tools in a wiki. I couldn't find an appropriate page here other than the FrontPage.

..and now for something subtle:

Fragment Highlighting. Yum. Why was I expecting a Purple highlight?

nicely laid out wiki.

Wikipedia:WisconsinIdea ... TheReformSociety

And finally, a succinct definition on the difference between a weblog and a wiki. via --and be sure to catch Tom Hoffman's 1 2.

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conferences-discuss list is dead.

..or at least that's what 10 months of spam is telling me.

There is this unanswered entry.

I wonder if none of the readers noticed as SpamBayes filtered it all out. :-P  Let OSCON come and go with nary a signal and let's mothball it and move the discussions to the wiki.

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