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Wednesday, June 23, 2004
Planet Categories, blogging runoff...

Planet Python and Planet Zope have been announced this week.

My "Slices of Py" made the Planet Zope list, yet not Planet Python one. *shrug*, email sent.

I concur with Roberto Alsino that these groups need to define whether they're about a community or a topic. Many bloggers (/feeds) contain many "off topic" entries. Some of these bloggers have sub-category methods to narrow the feed, others don't. Those that don't and rarely post a topic based entry should be pruned from the list or re-trench with a blogging engine or scraper that does. Those that do, please email the admin with your focused feed. Examples upon request.

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Tour of non-profesional piloting tour

Sometimes I'm amazed at the article length blog entries at the O'Reilly Network weblogs. This one by Brian McConnell gives a 10-20 minute read into the facets of personal flying, narrated by the trip to the recent Spaceship One launch.

A fellow on the VW bus help mailing list noted a number of buses in the parking lot at that launch. He supposed a similar interest.

I know that the horizontally opposed piston engines are used in a number of small aircraft, such as those found in the later 70's buses and Suburus. Although I understand it's a phase many geeks go through, I've no interest in flying, but enjoy the thought that my campmobiles engine is the same used in airplanes, airboats, of course Dune Buggies (insert Jon Lovitz voice here :-)) and of course that Porche 914(?)...even though it feels as thought is has the power and safety factors of this nifty trike.

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