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Thursday, January 13, 2005
Sound check

The banner to the left is for thank you to the host of the pycs.net website.  Thanks, Phil!

Thought of the day: Blogrut. The longer you don't blog, the deeper the rut gets. It's as depressing as it sounds.

Let's try to jump-start this thing... Ubuntu Linux rocks (well, much more than my stinted relationship with Mandrake and Redhat). What do the folks at the WikiWiki think of breakfast? Amazing. I really can point out cool stuff that's happening and avoid annoyances or wear my arm-chair-consumer-warning-hat...  We camped in the bus last summer. Very fun--even with a midnight thunderstom! More next year, but at present state it won't fit the whole family. Adios ice-box. I have learned a lot about car maintenance, yet still payed my local mechanic to replace battery and plugs on sputtery Accord, while Ant-lock brake problem on the Odyssey was no problem at all, but front tires needing replacing. But with that diagnosis, you can see where trust supports timid.

I've read more Science Fiction (and friends) in the last year than ever.  A Canticle for Leibowitz is at the top of my recommendation list, with Black Widows Club and EarthSea* books close behind. (Stay far away from the movie. We stopped at 20 minutes.)

I think I hit an edy with my Python lurking.  Although Ubuntu is a step in that direction, I've been docile since Luke's arrival. The Python community has grown as such that my questioning factors of that world seem like sideline sneering.  I'm too far North to be partake of the active Chicago Python group...but it's fun to lurk and have announcements carry the added emphasis of local effort.

Fun movie: Where Eagles Dare.  Not fun movie: Who's afraid of Virginia Wolf.

Turn in those registration cards, staple the receipt to the warranty, and be careful inserting Compact Flash cards. :-P  Canon tech. support was extremely profesional, and they're option to purchase a refurbed unit cheaper than repair price was most appreciated.  My lovely wife found the reciept.

Maybe I'll have something isightful to say about the Getting Things Done bandwagon-er-book I picked up before Christmas.  Another Christmas splurge was an X-Mod remote control car.  That is what I was looking for in the Zip-Zap.  I want to give my wife an mac mini but she isn't allured to the macintosh aura. She did agree to visit an Apple store in 6 months.  Maybe by then it will ship with iWorks and Panther. Keynote would also be welcome, but not holding my breath on that one.

Off to fall asleep in "Wonderful Alexander and the Catwings" (An Amazon referral URL appendage to a worthy cause would be appreciated for these links.)

And as always, this blog represents the opinions and whadyaknowflys of me, not my employer or pet fish.  My cat's, Daniel Striped Tiger and Lydia the Tattooed Lady are doing quite well.  I may talk about my son's fish, a beta to be purchased on his forthcoming birthday.

What's going on in the web, yea weblogger?  The best I can nominate is  http://www.freecycle.org/ ...I've just recently joined this front end for local moderated Yahoo mailing lists. The rest has been appropriately been covered.  There's some interesting connected thoughts by Roberto Alsino here, but it's succint to the point of feeling like a dot-to-dot picture, with the reader left to fill in their own color.  That may be the intent, as a later blog posting enunciates a similar disappointment. Excellent examples of the blog medium capturing thought. Happy New Year Roberto and I look forward to hearing more.  Hope your kitten is doing well.

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