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Friday, February 04, 2005
Consistency, refined.

Consistency, although taken for granted, smells like morning fresh something that smells good when fresh in the morning. 

I pretty much committed to buying a piano today. I've wanted one in the house since we had 2 kids.  I'm giddy with consumerism and a sunny melting snow Friday afternoon. Moving it 1 mile across town tomorow's challange.

Zwiki BugDay seemed to go well. First one, to boot! I was at work then had unexpected company so didn't contribute more than the usual wiki gnoming.

Some thoughts on WikiWords:  They are odd, but seem to extract an extra amount of mindshare (kind of like TLA's). Don't overuse them, but they have their place. When trying to name something, they seem to require effort, but when you're stuck in a meeting and topics and buzzwords are flying around reminding you that you haven't got a handle on them, they seem very easy to come up with. Write them down.  Look up or create a page. (I wonder if a wiki can serve like the blank pile of paper used in Getting Things Done)  My literary educated wife tells me we name things to feel in order to feel control over them. Makes sense. God told us to have dominion over the beasts and what-not and to name them. If knowing is half the battle, naming is the ....to be filled in later, along with links. Suggestions and thoughts, as always, welcome.    ...consistent naming is another matter.

Greetings Python world. You've grown since I last blogged in your direction. So much that when if I sit on a topic more than 3 days, you've got it spread throughout the land.  Jarno, doing well? Consistency factors keep me from adding to this fun driving analogy.  Although I still think Apple is following the Volkswagen history, analogically speaking.

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