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Thursday, February 17, 2005
Geek Etiquette ..with requests
Fun new website "Geek Etiquette" on how be non-slobbery.

Useful stuff.  On more than one occasion I try to recall the business table manners pointed out to us "PBL/FBLA"'ers on an outing. *sigh*  I still think the "don't salt your food until you've tasted it" thing is a nit-pick, but preached enough to require remembrance.

I'm looking forward to future articles including
  • Quiet eating: Gum-slappin' with or without food ain't fun no one. At the table or behind the cube wall.
  • Why do you make noise? Stop whistling, clapping your hands, balling up paper, sighing dramatically, and GET A BLOG.
  • Scented delights.  There's a reason they called it "musk"
  • Personal space: keep your noggin (and breath) at least 2 feet from mine. So what if that means I'm psychotic, you wouldn't be over here if I didn't need help.
  • Cynicriticism: Fun and profit, or do you really think that's going to change our world?
  • Abandoning condescension through a simple flip of a phrase: I'll *ask* Jon.. vs. I'll *have* Jon...   Check x, I'll help you in 5... vs. If you'd read x, you'd see...    and a million fillers to remove: That's just/That should only/That's easy/mmkay/and any phrase containing "idiot".
When you're striding through brain-work, nothing matters.  When you're struggling with it, annoyances echo.

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