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Wednesday, July 06, 2005
Go Seige

In getting to know more about Twisted, I came across Go Seige, the implementation of the game of Go into a "massively multiplayer game"  which is built in Python and Twisted.

I wonder what David Goodger (of Go Utils and many others) thinks of it, or will blog about it.

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Python assisted Segway clone builder makes an electric unicycle

That was a long title for The Electric Unicycle, of which I have not confirmed whether the Python and BSD tools he used in designing the Balancing Scooter applied.

Someday I'll come up with a good name for that category of life-goals including "riding a unicycle", "flipping your shoes like Mister Rogers'", and "writing a palendromic haiku."  A callous observer is quick to quip something about an abundance of opposably thumbed time, to which I change the subject and ask them what's on TV tonight.

This post in honor of my 6 year old's achievement of riding his bike without trailing wheels on my country's independance day.

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