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Saturday, 2004-2-28

That took about a day

So it took about a day for Pyscerocha to get into Google. Cool.

Meanwhile, I see that the only index.py template differences in moving up from bzero 0.16 to 0.18 was a change in the "also available in XML" string, so I could make that minor change in my index.py and we'll see if I get my old weblog's look back.

And it looks like the (Windows-only, I guess) bug came back or was never fixed, where the title/permalink of each post gets a backslash instead of a slash (os.sep instead of '/') between the day string and the post id (e.g., '#200402261'). I have a goofball python function "fgu" in my index.py to work around that bug.

def fgu ( obj ):
    ''' Fix the getUrl call if it ends with a backslash, or if there
        is a backslash immediately preceding a '#'.
        obj is a post, a day, or even the whole blog. '''
    u = obj.GetUrl()
    if u[-1] == '\\':
        u = u[:-1] + '/'
    badix = u.find( '\\#' )
    if badix >= 0:
        u = u[:badix] + '/' + u[ badix+1: ]
    return u

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