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Friday, 2004-5-14

BayPIGgies Meeting

Had dinner and a Python meeting Thursday night. Great turnout -- 15 of us met for dinner, and there must have been 35 or so at the meeting itself. Guido von Rossum gave a reprise of his talk at the recent (end of March) PyCon. The talk was partly about Python 2.4, with little bits about the semi-mythical Python 3.0, T-shirts, and color schemes. According to the 2.4 PEP, 2.4 is expected to have alphas and betas during the summer, with a release in late summer or fall. (Generator expressions are probably the most significant new feature for 2.4; the PEP describes the other expected features.)

Since Aahz was ill, we took a somewhat unstructured look at the PyCon Proceedings page and talking about which of the papers we found most interesting.

Jeremy Hylton (who recently moved from Zope to Google) was visiting from New York City. Bill Venners was there, as were Kaitlin "Ducky" Sherwood (of OSAF/Chandler fame), Bruce "Thinking In..." Eckel, who will be speaking at next month's Python meeting, Reg Charney (ACCU - USA), Monte Davidoff (interview), Wesley "Core Python" Chun (now at Ironport), Danny Yoo, Chad Netzer, and many others.

For those of you Python fans who are looking: Ironport is hiring. Contact Wesley.

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