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Wednesday, 2004-5-5

Fremont Older

Fremont Older Open Space Preserve adjoins the southwest edges of Cupertino, at the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains. (I think I wrote the description on that page about 9 years ago.) I hadn't ridden my mountain bike there in ages. Last night, I left work at about 5 pm, and drove up to the Regnart Road entrance. That entrance is used much less often than the two main entrances, both of which have reasonable-sized parking lots. In contrast, the Regnart Road entrance has room for only three cars or so. And it starts with a very steep climb (a third of a mile) in the sun. And it's in a kinda quiet corner of Cupertino, with no main through roads -- near where Bubb hits Rainbow.

But that entrance lets you mix up the climbing -- I went from there up to near the top of the park, came down the Toyon trail, went over to Hunter's Point (great 360 degree views from here -- it was remarkably clear last night), started riding down the very very steep road from there (bailed and walked down some of it), and then did the down-and-up seven springs trail. The creek next to the climb out from there is still flowing (well, trickling). I rode all the way up that part without stopping! Of course, four guys rode by me at different times, climbing past me as if I were stopped. Each one probably 15 to 30 years younger than me, and 50 to 120 pounds lighter.

I had left work so early in order to make sure I had time to do that whole tour of the park. I needn't have worried -- I got back to the car by 6:40. So that means that if I leave work at 6:30, I can still do that ride and be done before dark.

Very cool and fun.

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