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Web Archetypes and OS X

Thursday, May 8, 2003

via Netscape News Network: "Microsoft acknowledged the flaw affected all its 200 million Passport accounts but said it fixed the problem early Thursday, after details were published on the Internet. Product Manager Adam Sohn said the company was unaware of hackers actually hijacking anyone's Passport account, but several experts said they successfully tested the procedure overnight."

You have to feel for those that put their trust in Microsft. It will be interesting to see how the feds will handle this issue. What a breach of trust. Will the government boys just slap M$ on the wrists again?
6:37:12 PM    The Soapbox

via Mozilla.org: "Mozilla 1.4 Beta is out. This release includes support for NTLM authentication, usability improvements, and lots of performance, stability, and site compatibility fixes. More information is available in the release notes."

I have been running 1.4a for sometime now and I have not run into issues. In fact, it addressed some of the issues created by the 1.3 build. I am downloading 1.4b now, and will comment on the results. If you are not a Mozilla user, there is no better time to check it out.
6:35:50 AM    The Soapbox

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