Friday, May 10, 2002

OmniGroup's killer OmniGraffle (Diagram! lives on!) took home the Best Mac OS X User Experience and Best Mac OS X Technology Adoption in the Apple Design Awards. What most people might not realize, is that Omni also had the runner-up in the Best Mac OS X User Experience for STX as they developed the product for Salon Transcripts. Congratulations!

Next year, the awards will be open to WebObjects applications...
5:51:48 PM    

A few folks asked me to blog Apple's World Wide Developer's Conference. Unfortunately (for the reader), the show was under a fairly strict NDA; anything not covered in the keynote is off limits. Fortunately (for attendees), Apple showed us a bunch of upcoming technologies and discussed a number of "future products" fairly openly.

Given the interest, I will go through Apple's pages and figure out what can be said and will comment on it. I know I can say this: Quartz Extreme is amazing! The implications are far beyond simply accelerated various bits of eye candy and feedback hints in OS X. Effectively, Quartz Extreme allows the Quartz Compositor [PDF] to layer 2D on OpenGL optimized 3D, 3D on 2D or sandwich content any way you like. As such, you can have 3D content with 2D controls floating on top or behind. Way cool stuff...
5:47:59 PM