Thursday, May 30, 2002

Connectix's definitely deserves a hearty thanks for the awesome engineering that they have pulled off with Virtual PC. I grabbed the trial version of VPC 4.3 for Windows, copied over a hard drive image from VPC/Mac 5.0 that contained OpenStep 4.2, and it just works.

Sweet and much faster than on the Mac side (makes sense). Now I can run OpenStep 4.2 or NEXSTEP 3.3 without dogging out my laptop entirely.

(VPC 5.0.3 for the Mac just came out. Connectix's servers are way overwhelmed right now. Looks like it might fix my GPS connectivity issues.)
6:10:17 PM    

Damnit. The full sized versions of some of the images were not upstreamed by radio. Their sizes are all less than 1MB-- the hard limit on file sizes-- but it seems that anything over 400k is not upstreamed! Guess I'll have to move the large images to a different server. Fixed.
10:31:51 AM    

Some random photos that I have taken over the last year (or few days, in some cases)... some of which make for very nice desktop images. Others I simply find interesting. It's my weblog, I can share what I want to...


My son's footprint on the beach in front of the house we visited in the Bahamas.
Springtime in the bushes...

This makes a regular appearance in the desktop image rotation. A lush reminder of the season.
The Bush

Did some hiking in a random direction (Bahama, again) and took a random picture to capture the general feel of the land.

The hibiscus family produces some truly exquisite flowers. This is but one of many photos I have of many different kinds of Hibiscus. Beautiful color, awesome variation across the species. I have a hibiscus plant at home that has faithfully produced beautiful flowers through two winters now. Picked it up for 75 cents at the local grocery store-- it was on the discount table because all of the flowers had long since faded (completely different bloom-- yellow flower with a deep purple throat-- quite the surprise when it finally bloomed!).
Fungal analogy?

Found this while hiking in the bush pictured above. The whole fungal kingdom is incredibly varied (amazing photos here-- I have some work to do!).
Fungal oddity

Another fungal growth. Found this under a garden pot on my front porch. Fractals make sense.
Self portrait

My reflection in a garden mirror ball. I found it amusing that dirt on the ball so effectively anonymized my face.

1:09:27 AM