Saturday, June 29, 2002

More things I don't remember writing...

(From a post made in 1997)

I am living a perl-free life and am a much, much happier person for it.

You can, too. Just admit that perl is an inciduous, intoxicating and highly destructive addiction, break that addiction, and move on. Most of us have been guilty of that sin at some points in our life, so your admission to said sin will not lead to any kind of persecution...

Perl is Pure Evil, Raving Lunacy -- strike it from your life before you, too, succumb to producing unreadable code that will make future generations nauseous when they attempt to maintain it.


I'm really not that terribly religious about these things. I use perl for anything that can fit in a -e on the command line without wrapping the line. Anything requiring a script is generally done in Python or, more recently, Ant.
5:17:00 PM  pontificate