Sunday, October 13, 2002

A bit ago, I released a little Cocoa web services app for querying XML-RPC servers for information about their API. It happens to be written in Python.

Aaron Swartz pointed out that the version of the app on the disk image would not work on his system.

Turns out that I had released the app with an inadvertent reference to the fink version of Python (the dylib, specifically).

Oops. Fixed. Sorry.
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Ronald reminded me that the current source in the pyobjc cvs repository will not compile on 10.1 as is.

It includes a number of constants and API wrappers that are 10.2 specific. However, Ronald wrote this cool set of scripts that automatically generate all of the non-ObjC API wrappers as needed. You simply need to invoke them manually.

The scripts are found in Modules/Cocoa/Scripts. Each script takes a single argument; the path to the Headers directory of the framework for which you want to generate API wrappers.
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